Sic Bo – Play Sic Bo at Indian Online Casinos

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game that’s enjoyed by many people in casinos around the world as well as many Indian online casinos. This is a game which is relatively straight forward to play. As a player, you have various opportunities to bet on the outcome of three dice thrown onto the table. Sic Bo is perfect for those who feel that craps is a bit overwhelming and roulette is a little too boring because it’s an action packed fast-paced game.

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How To Play Sic Bo Online

Learning the basic rules, game layout and payoffs should only take you a couple of minutes, it’s that straight forward! The game is played on a table with three dice, no matter if you’re playing at a land casino or online casino.

To start the game, you will need to place a wager on one of the many betting options that are indicated on the table layout. Always select the coin value you’re comfortable with, though you can increase your chances of winning by placing several bets at the same time. Since online Sic Bo is a game of chance, you don’t have to worry about any specific strategies like you may use when playing Blackjack and Roulette for example. When you play Sic Bo you can lay back and just enjoy the game and the fun that comes with it.

Once you have placed your bets, the 3 dice are put into a plastic cylinder and shaken and rolled onto the table. When the results of the dice are revealed, particular betting spots on the table will be named winners. If you placed your wager on any of these spots, then you’ll be paid your winnings according to the odds on the pay table. That is in principle, exactly how Sic Bo is played: you predict the outcome of where the dice will land on the felt.

Bet Types & Payouts

There are a couple of different betting types and associated payouts in Sic Bo however. Whilst they can differ between casino software providers and live casino games, we have listed the main Sic Bo betting types and payouts you’re likely to come across below:

  • Total: This bet is the simplest of Sic Bo bets. Here, you have the chance to bet on the total number of the three dice; betting on any number from 4 to 16. 3 and 18 are not included however, this is because they’re used as triple bets elsewhere on the table.
  • Single: When you place a single bet, you will be betting on a number that appears on at least one of the dice. For example, if you bet on a 4, you’ll win if at least one of the die lands on a 4.
  • Double: When placing a double bet in Sic Bo, you will be betting that a particular number will be rolled on two of the dice.
  • Triple: Here, you will be betting that all three dice will end up showing a specific number. Naturally, it’s a harder bet to score and for that reason, the pay-out for a Triple bet on Sic Bo is 30:1 at most Indian casino sites. What’s more, there are further triple bets you can place too; you can bet on a specific Triple, and winning that will land you a pay-out of 180:1. Naturally, the odds of winning this are on the slimmer side, but it’s an exciting wager none the less.

Playing Sic Bo at Indian Online Casinos

You can play both RNG Sic Bo (random number generator) and Live Dealer Sic Bo at many Indian online casinos. Whilst there isn’t as much choice in game variety for Sic Bo as some other games like Roulette and Baccarat, you still should be able to find a game with ease.