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Video Poker is a popular online casino game and, contrary to popular belief, is not exactly like your traditional game of poker. When you play online video poker, you don’t play against other people; you play and bet against the house. Many people prefer online video poker to slot games at online casinos because video poker offers better odds. If you know how to play poker already, then you may already know how to increase your chances of winning too!

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How to Play Online Video Poker

Like with all casino games, there are quite a few different variants of video poker which are available at Indian online casinos, but, honestly, they are just variations of each other and usually boil down to the same rules. To start, you’re dealt five cards. You can then choose which cards to keep and which to discard. Your discarded cards go away and then you are dealt replacement cards for them. You win a game of video poker by scoring yourself a winning poker hand. If you have already played poker before, then you will know what a poker hand is: Royal Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush etc.

Check the Pay Table

Because video poker is such a popular game in India, several different casino game vendors are offering the game but most likely, each of them will have a different pay-table. To find the best and highest quality video poker games to play, we recommend that you always check the pay-table at the Indian casino sites we recommend at the end of this article.

Generally, the house edge of a game of video poker is 3%. This means theoretically, 97% of all money gambled on that game is going to go back to the players over time. However, there are some variants of video poker which may have even better odds than this, so it’s always advisable to check these out before you choose a game.

What’s more, the more money that you bet per hand when you play video poker, the greater your rate of return is too. This is not the type of game that you will want to place the minimum bet on. Even doubling the minimum bet could more than double the potential winnings per hand.

Why Play Video Poker?

Many people find the strategy more interesting than other casino games like slots. For example, when you’re playing an online slot, for the most part, it’s usually inattentive spinning combined with a few features and wins on occasion.

When it comes to online video poker, you need to know what to do for every hand and how to play it out. It does take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s a fun game once you get to grips with how to play it.

Furthermore, potential winnings are more in your control too, rather than in the hands of a slot machines ‘Random Number Generator’ which is responsible for spinning the reels. Of course, video poker cards are still selected by the computer at random, but you’re the one who’s contemplating what type of hand you should be going for next.

Winning at Online Video Poker

The chances of winning a jackpot when you play online poker are a bit higher too. A Royal Flush is the highest paying hand in online video poker and statistically, you can hit this one in every 40,000 hands. However, a jackpot in a slot (and we’re not considering progressive jackpots), may have odds as high as 262,000 spins needed to hit that jackpot…if you ever hit it at all.

Video Poker Playing Strategies

  • Learn About Poker Hands: The best advice we can give you when starting out with online video poker is to learn about poker hands. This will give you a suitable amount of information about the sort of hands that you should be aiming for when you play.
  • Play Real Poker: You may even want to play a few games of actual poker with your friends. This will give you a rough idea of how easy it is to obtain certain hands and what you should be aiming for.
  • Discard Hands: Unlike in most games of traditional poker, remember that you do have the ability to discard all of your hands in video poker, so don’t be hesitant to do that. What’s more, two pairs also pay in this game, although that is just going to leave you breaking even.

Best Indian Online Casinos for Video Poker Online

There are plenty of Indian online casinos which offer various versions of online video poker to play for real money Rupees or for fun. Popular video poker games that you’ll find at reputable Indian casino sites (like the ones below) include the original Jacks or Better, Jacks or Better Double Up and Jacks or Better Multi-hand.

We’ve listed our best casino recommendations below. Each casino site has been thoroughly checked by our staff for game quality, fair casino bonuses and how reputable and safe they are for Indian online casino players. Have a browse and pick the casino which appeals to you the most and enjoy online video poker games with peace of mind