Betting on NBA – A guide to basketball sports betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the US and therefore one of the biggest sports to bet on. The most popular basketball league in the world is the National Basketball Association (NBA) which is only beaten by the NFL in terms of popularity within the USA. The NBA is made up of 30 teams which are divided evenly into the Eastern and Western Conference. Each conference has a total of 3 divisions. The awesome thing about the NBA is that due to its popularity, there’s a treasure of stats and data available for you to build An NBA betting strategy that you can use to bet online. 

A Guide to NBA Betting for Beginners

Most NBA games typically involve the basic single-game wagers you see below. If you’re just starting out, get acquainted with them early on to ensure you know how to use them correctly:

  • Moneyline: A Moneyline bet when you bet on a team to win a game. 
  • Spread: A spread bet is when you bet on a team to win a game with a spread set by oddsmakers factored into the final score.
  • Parlay: A parlay is two or more basic bets combined into one wager. All bets (also known as legs) must win in order to get paid.
  • Total: A Total bet is where you bet on whether the combined score in a game will be over or under a line that is set by oddsmakers.
  • Live Betting or ‘In-Play’ Betting: In-play betting is when you bet during a live game using live odds that adjust throughout the match.

How To Bet On NBA Futures And Outrights

A popular way to bet on the NBA online is betting on futures and outright markets. This usually involves betting on who will win either:

  • The NBA Championship Winner
  • Eastern Conference Winner
  • Western Conference Winner
  • Separate Division Winners
  • The NBA Most Valuable Player

How to Bet Online on the NBA

Depending on which state you’re in will determine if you can bet legally online on NBA games. Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Iowa all allow statewide online sports betting including NBA betting. 

Betting on the NBA online is a little different (albeit easier) to do than betting at land-based bookmakers. To bet on the NBA online, you’ll need to find a reputable US sportsbook and create an account (see below for our recommended betting sites). Once you’ve set up an account, there are a few more steps you’ll need to go through before you can bet freely. 

You will need to provide the betting site with some personal information so that they can verify your age and location. Usually, you’ll be asked for your name, address and the last 4 digits of your social security number. 

Once you’ve finished and this process is complete, you will need to make a real money deposit in order to wager. Thankfully, US sports betting websites and mobile apps make this an easy process. Most sites accept major credit cards, online bank transfers, and also well-known third-party payment processors such as PayPal and other eWallets. Other payment solutions that may be better suited/accessible to you include cash options. You can often make a deposit at an affiliated casino cage (at a land casino) or you can go to any 7-Eleven or CVS stores and use the popular PayNearMe method.

Popular NBA Strategies & Betting Tips

It’s easy to bet online on the NBA; the hard part is picking the winning outcome! Bettors who are often successful at NBA betting are those which follow proven betting strategies they’ve grown over time. Some bettors have been known to go as far as employing computer systems and algorithms to give them an edge. Most, however, simply do their research, employ caution and carefully manage their bankroll with the aim of slowly building profit over time. 

We recommend that you do your homework and do as much analysis as you can. Often, sports betting is a battle of information, so get all the knowledge you can by reading up on the NBA and watching games. Bet on teams you know more about than bookmakers themselves, who have to follow the whole league and not just a single team; this is one way to build an edge. 

Betting due to situations can often give you an edge as well. The best teams in the NBA can at times play bad, for example, after a back to back match or at the end of a long road trip from a previous match. If you look at the situation and what’s happening off the court as much as the teams, you could find a small edge to take advantage of.

Why Bet on the NBA Online?

Most NBA betting fans prefer to bet online because of the freedom and flexibility it offers. It’s easier to take your time, claim betting bonuses and discover competitive odds that you won’t find at land-based bookmakers. 

What’s more, online sportsbooks offer you the chance to sort through all of the NBA betting options before you place a bet. You will be able to see all the varieties of outcomes before you bet online so you can take your time and choose your bets respectively. It’s virtually impossible to do that at a busy betting window inside a sportsbook; you won’t prove too popular if you do!

Where To Bet On NBA Games?

Every US online sportsbook offers plenty of options where you can bet on the NBA. But not only that, you’ll be able to take advantage of competitive NBA sports odds, betting offers and awesome betting bonuses. For the best NBA betting options, our recommended US betting sites are perfect for those looking to bet on the NBA on mobile, App or desktop.