Betting on NHL – Ice hockey betting odds

The National Hockey League (NHL) brings together some of the most talented ice hockey players from around the world. The NHL was first established in 1917 and is today comprised of 31 teams that hit the ice and play 82 games over a total of seven months to fight for the Stanley Cup title. 

Not every city in the lucky enough to host a team, though the ones who are fortunate enough have not only a passionate team but also super passionate fans with a formidable bond, both with an eager hope of winning the season. The NHL is big business and draws in huge crowds from around the world and it comes as no surprise that online NHL betting also reflects this enthusiasm.

How does NHL betting work?

It’s easy to bet on the NHL. Most US bettors have the choice to bet on the NHL at retail land-based sportsbooks or online at betting sites/ sports betting apps each licensed by various gaming commissions in more than a dozen states. What’s apparent is that betting on the NHL online has fast become the most popular way to bet on the NHL. 

NHL online betting is easy, efficient and you can often find a treasure trove of great odds and betting offers that you don’t always find offline. Before you start, it’s important to grasp the basics of NHL betting, both the types of bets you can make and also some well-known NHL betting strategies to give you a head start:

NHL Money lines: A Moneyline bet is one of the easiest and popular bets when it comes to online betting (NHL betting included.) All you have to do is pick a winner! Moneyline bets payout according to a team’s likelihood of winning. The betting odds are locked in at the time you place the bet. Moneyline odds are displayed with either a positive or negative number. Negative numbers represent the favorites and those displayed with positive numbers are the underdogs. Each number represents how much a $100 wager will pay plus your bet back.

NHL Puck Lines: Betting the puck line means making the correct prediction with the line factored into the final score. 

NHL Totals: NHL totals are where sportsbooks set a line on the total number of goals they expect both teams will combine to score. It’s similar to spread bets in NFL betting.

NHL Parlays: NHL parlays include combining two or more NHL bets into one. NHL parlays often pay out well because, for the bookmaker to payout, each bet must be won.

NHL Futures: A futures bet is where you place a wager early in the season on the overall outcome. Futures bets allow great payout potential because they are difficult to get right.

Top NHL Betting Strategies & Picks

Here are some popular NHL betting strategies to help you find an edge when you bet online on the NHL:

Take note of the “home-ice advantage”: Home teams get the last line change and can, therefore, manipulate last-minute on-ice matchups. They also, of course, get huge confidence boosts as they have their home crowd backing them at every opportunity. 

Use analytics/stats: It’s always advisable to do plenty of research before you bet. There’s a plethora of stats, picks, power ranking trackers and historical information available online, often for free. Doing your research will put you in a better position to make an informed betting decision.

Bet your known teams: Like NFL and NBA betting, often your knowledge will give you an edge, so it’s also advisable to bet on the teams you know inside and out.

Real-time circumstances: Look out for what you might think is minor yet are very important points, like key injuries, who are playing at home (and their home record) to other circumstances that could affect play such as if they’re just finishing a long road trip or if they played the day before. All of these situations can create opportunities that could give an edge over the bookmaker. Bottom line: be aware of all situations and circumstances of the team you’re planning to bet on.

NHL Online Betting Sites

To bet on the NHL, you need to find a legal online sportsbook for your location. NHL betting online is legal in several states across the US including Nevada, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. 

Follow our state by state betting guide to help you find a legal and reputable NHL online sportsbook. We work with all the top US online bookmakers to ensure you have access to the best sports betting markets and the latest sporting offers and bonuses.

Once you’ve found an NHL online betting site that ticks all your boxes, you’ll then need to register an account and provide some personal information so that the sportsbook can verify your age and location. Often, you’ll need to supply your name, address and also the last 6 digits of your social security number. 

Funding your Account at NHL Online Bookmakers

Once your account has been verified, it’s then time to fund your account so you can make real money bets on the NHL. Most fully regulated and licensed online sportsbooks accept most major credit cards, online bank transfers, and 3rd party payment processors including numerous e-wallets like PayPal. 

There are also plenty of cash options too, including paying in at a casino cage at an affiliated land casino or via the PayNearMe method at your local 7-Eleven of CVS stores. Once you’ve completed this and you have money in your betting account, you can then make a real money wager on your top picks!