Betting on NFL – A sports betting guide to Football

The NFL is one of the most popular football leagues in the US. There are 32 teams each filled with the best football players in the world. Those teams are embroiled in hotly contested fixtures in every game that’s watched by millions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that betting on the NFL is one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world. NFL betting takes place throughout the football playing season but the largest number of NFL bets is often reserved for the Super Bowl final, which not only draws a huge spectating crowd but also sees millions of dollars wagered at online betting sites.

Types of NFL Betting Lines & Odds

If you’re new to NFL betting, it can be slightly daunting at first, but once you get a grasp on how things work you’ll soon become more knowledgeable over time. What’s necessary is to first understand the three most common types of bets and odds in NFL betting: 

  • Moneyline: Moneyline is one of the most common and simple types of bet which involves picking the outright winner. Usually, there’s a favorite and an underdog. Both are represented by odds. The team expected to win will show a negative value and there will be a positive value for the underdogs. As an example, the favorite could have odds of -130 and the underdog could display a +100.
  • Spread: Here, oddsmakers assign a point spread to each NFL game. The spread is the predicted margin of advantage for the favored side and it’s your task to decide whether it’s a good number or not. 
  • Totals: Oddsmakers will also assign a projected point total to each NFL match so that sports bettors can decide if they expect the total points scored to be over or under that number. 

How To Bet on the NF

In fully legalized US states, placing a bet on the NFL was historically done at land-based bookmakers. These days, however, the majority of NFL betting is done at legal US NFL betting sites. There are a huge number of respected online bookmakers offering plenty NFL betting options nowadays. Most NFL online sportsbooks offer free bets and a surplus of handy statistics freely available to bettors such as standings, team history, NFL betting odds, highlights of off-season rosters, additions and also match predictions to benefit their customers.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred NFL online bookmaker, you’ll have to register an online account and provide some personal details so the betting site can verify your age and location to ensure you’re betting legally. Once you’ve gone through this process, the next step is to deposit money into your sports betting account so that you can make a real money bet on the NFL. There are plenty of ways to deposit at online betting sites, the most popular being major credit cards and e-wallets such as PayPal. Depositing via a cash alternative is also very popular too. To do this, you can often opt to deposit via an affiliated land-based casino cage (that has a sportsbook located inside the building) or you can choose to use the PayNearMe method via your local CVS or 7 Eleven stores.

NFL Betting Tips

Most NFL bettors develop their own betting systems and strategies over time to help them get an edge. It’s up to you how involved you get with NFL betting; if you plan to spend time developing your own system then we recommend starting off small and going from there. Some NFL betting enthusiasts who wish to bet casually rely on trusted sources, some pay for picks and most use the many power rankings freely available online.

There are also plenty of pay subscription services that provide NFL metrics. It’s essential to remember that power rankings and other metrics are not the only pieces of the puzzle, however, they are each a great tool to use to help give you the insight to reach a decision when it comes to your own betting system and NFL top pick opportunities.

Best US NFL Betting Sites

Most NFL online betting sites will offer free bets, NFL betting bonuses and VIP perks for joining their site and making a real money wager. Because the online betting industry is exceedingly competitive, this can often put us bettors in the driving seat as you can get some hugely lucrative offers and competitive odds when betting at new US betting sites. 

It’s entirely up to you where you choose to place your NFL bets, but making sure that you get the best offers and odds is key. We assume that you’re currently looking for the best NFL betting sites, so we’ve put together the ultimate list which will help you find not only a legal and trustworthy NFL sportsbook but one which promises to deliver plenty of sports betting options, competitive odds and exceptional value from bonuses and NFL betting offers. 

NFL Mobile Betting Sites & Apps

The majority of online sportsbooks offer consumers the chance to bet on the NFL ether on a mobile website or app (for both iOS and Android devices) or via a computer desktop. It’s entirely down to your own preference which device you use, but sport betting companies invest heavily in their mobile websites and apps to enable their customers to bet on the go and anywhere they please. If you’re looking for simplicity and to get in the action right away, then make sure you check out our recommended mobile NFL betting sites recommended on this page and throughout our website.