Blackjack Online – The Best Blackjack Tables in America

Blackjack is a timeless casino game that is available at all reputable online casinos in the U.S. What sets blackjack apart from many other classic casino games is that there’s an element of skill involved, which, if you play your cards right, could land you some decent wins. We’ve created this blackjack guide to help prepare you better for playing blackjack online as well as help point you in the right direction of America’s top blackjack casino sites.

The Basics of Blackjack Online

Fundamentally, the game of blackjack is a fairly basic and easy to understand. The concept is to hit 21 or as close to it, without going bust. Each card has a certain denominated value:

  • Cards from 2 to 10 have their face value.
  • J, Q, and K each have a value of 10.
  • Ace card has a value of 1 or 11.

The objective of each game round is to get a hand that’s higher in value than the dealer’s hand, without passing the value of 21. Each game starts with the dealer dealing two cards, both to you (player) and the house. Your cards are dealt both face-up, and the dealer has one faced up (called the ‘hole’ card) and the other is face down. 

Here, you can choose to either ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. Hit means you will draw another card, while stand will keep your hand it is. You can hit as many times as you want to before going bust. If your cards have a combined value of 22 or more, you will “bust” and automatically lose. If you don’t bust, then it’s the dealer’s turn. Usually, the dealer has to draw cards until getting a combined value of 17 or more (N.B specific blackjack games rules may vary), regardless of the player’s cards. If neither player nor dealer busts, then the values of their hands will be compared to see who has won the round.

How To Win at Online Blackjack

There are a couple of ways you can win a hand at blackjack online; you can win double your stake (split), you can get your money back by a “draw” or a “push” or you will lose the wagered money if the dealer has a better combination. If you hit a Blackjack (this is a combination of Ace and any cards adding up to a value of 10), then you will win 2.5-times your bet, unless the dealer has a Blackjack too. If this happens, it’s considered a draw and you get your wagered money back.

There are plenty of blackjack strategies that you can follow which we recommend in researching to make sure you’re as prepared as possible when playing blackjack online. The basic strategy, however, is not about card counting or any other know-how to “beat the casino”. It’s really about making the best decisions and minimizing the casino’s advantage over you.

What is the Best Online Blackjack Site For US Players?

If you feel confident and know your blackjack basics, then there are plenty of top US online casinos where you’ll be able to play blackjack online for real money. Of course, you can play blackjack for free if you’d prefer to play some practice games first.

Choosing a safe blackjack casino site is important because you want to be able to trust a casino with your data but also with your money. This is where we can step in and help you find many safe and reliable US casino sites. When looking for a new casino site to join, make sure you check that it offers the appropriate licensing and is legal for you to play at. What’s more, always check that there are enough blackjack games to play, perhaps some new variations that you can try out as well. 

Some popular blackjack games at US casinos online include Atlantic City Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, European Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Blackjack Switch and not forgetting Live Dealer blackjack games of course. Always keep in mind that different games come with different RTPs and of course, the higher the game RTP, the better the odds are of winning.

Blackjack Bonuses

When you play blackjack online, just like many other casino games, you can take advantage of various welcome bonuses available at US online casinos. If you’re planning on claiming a casino bonus, we always recommend that you read the full terms and conditions to ensure that the bonus is suitable to be used when playing blackjack games. 

Contrary to popular belief, not all casino bonuses are suitable for blackjack. Casinos apply various limitations on their offers and sometimes blackjack is on a restricted list and your gameplay won’t count towards any wagering requirements. Therefore, the bonus will be no benefit to blackjack players. Aside from this, getting the best blackjack bonus is so much more than the amount ($) of bonus. It’s also about how fair and favorable the wagering requirements are. Wagering requirements are the number of times you need to ‘play through’ the bonus to withdraw any winnings made from it. 

Our recommended US casino sites each offer some excellent blackjack bonuses and offers. Every bonus has been checked by our editorial team to ensure they offer favorable terms with no sneaky hidden rules that could jeopardize your chances of cashing out.